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Steve Mueller

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Playing guitar and writing songs are my passion and life’s purpose – There’s no greater joy than creating music and seeing it touch the lives of others.

Steve loves all things guitar, especially plugging them into MESA/Boogie guitar amps to bring them to life and help co-author new songs. Born into a musical family and being the youngest of five, Steve was surrounded with all kinds of music growing up. From the music of his father’s band to his mother’s love of radio, Steve’s exposure was wide, but what most influenced him was the music his older brothers were into. They were listening to everything from The Beatles and CCR, to Led Zeppelin, Boston, Aerosmith, The Cars, Heart, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac to name just a few. But what inspired Steve to go from a young “music lover” to a “guitar player” was his brother, Tom, who had started playing acoustic guitar. Tom, being the consummate big brother, shared his acoustic guitar with his little brother and started showing him how to play. As Steve showed progress, his parents bought him a guitar of his own and it wasn’t long before Steve knew what he wanted to do with his life – His fate was further set a couple years later when Tom, then only 18, bought his little brother (barely 13) his first professional guitar, a Fender Stratocaster! At around the same time, Steve met and started studying guitar with Mike Soffa, who would become Steve’s life-long mentor and guitar hero (to this day). With Mike’s influence and example, there was no turning back! Highway 31 is Steve’s ideal realized, as being part of a great band, playing guitar and writing music as a band of brothers has been his life’s dream!

Personal FACTOID:

Steve’s often asked what the story is behind the CAT logo on all of his guitars, here’s his reply:
“I was raised on diesel fuel and CAT POWER! My father founded his own excavation company when he returned home after serving in the Army in Korea. I’ve always admired and idolized him and my older brothers. I still can’t think of anything cooler than being able to operate those giant machines and literally reshaping the planet, creating timeless works. Growing up I wanted so badly to do the same, but my dad encouraged me to pursue music instead. So, placing the CAT logo on my guitars reminds me of my roots and my love and admiration for my dad and brothers – It also reminds me of what a fortunate upbringing their hard work, powered by CAT, provided for me and our family…. And it still does to this day! So, it’s a tribute and salute to them and all of the hardworking folks that make our nation truly great!”

  • MESA/Boogie Guitar Amps
  • Gibson & Fender Guitars
  • GHS Strings

Lifehouse, Matchbox 20, Gavin DeGraw, Switchfoot