Highway 31 The Back Story

The long travelled road that became Highway 31.

Highway 31 Classic Rock Band

In early 2012, Steve Mueller set out on a new musical journey that would attract and merge a group of musical artists from various background on to a common road that would become known as Highway 31 – It’s been full-throttle and an open road ever since!

Steve, a lifelong musician, has had a successful career in the industry both as a performing musician and a noted guitar amp guru with Mesa Boogie. He has always credited divine intervention for bringing good people and great musicians into his life.

Steve had just finished doing a project with bassist Ty Anderson and shared his plans with him to form a new band. Ty jumped at the chance to climb aboard with his bass and backing vocals, as did Steve’s life-long friend, Tim Beamguard, on co-guitar, harmonica and backing vocals.

Now to find their voice… Ty remembered meeting vocalist Chris Reynolds through another project and shared a link with Steve and Tim that contained some iPhone recordings. While these were humble recordings, Steve was impressed and had to hear more for himself. Soon after, the three of them attended an acoustic duo show Chris was performing with. After hearing a few songs, Steve knew he’d found the vocalist he’d been searching his whole life for! After learning more about the band, Chris felt the same way and Highway 31 now had its voice!

Last, but not least, adding former Marine Sergeant and drummer extraordinaire, Josh Phillips to drive Highway 31’s proverbial musical bus and add high vocal harmonies would prove to be pivotal. Steve and Ty met Josh while playing on a studio session for their long-time friend and musical artist, Joslin Dsouza. Joslin had also been responsible for originally introducing Steve and Ty. In that session, Steve was impressed with Josh’s talents and in admiration of his service to our country in the Marine Corp – Not long after, in yet another twist of divine intervention, Josh joined and Highway 31’s lineup was perfected!

Highway 31 is a true, collective band, not a collection of individual musicians and songwriters. They credit their creativity and stability to the bands shared values through their Christian faith in God. The name Highway 31 is a reflection of their faith as a reference to the Holy Trinity, “Three in One” – The way (Highway) to the “1” (God) is through the “3” (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), thus the number “31”.

While Highway 31 primarily fits in the rock genre, they often draw on a wide variety of musical influences to create their own unique sound. They believe that a good hook/story and catchy melody are timeless and key, regardless of musical genre. They are best known for their powerful, melodic vocals and signature harmonies, driven by the timeless ensemble of guitars, bass and drums. They know the success of the music belongs to their fans who relate to it in their own lives.

More than anything the band wants to thank each person that has supported them on this trip. They pray more will join them on the ride and have a personal experience on Highway 31.

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The Artists

Meet the players. Inspired, passionate and dedicated musicians.

Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

I sing to inspire and hopefully make someone feel something

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Steve Mueller Lead Guitar

Steve Mueller

Guitars & Vocals

Playing guitar and writing songs are my passion and life’s purpose

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Tim Beamguard

Tim Beamguard

guitars, keys, vocals

While guitar is still his main instrument, Tim will play keys or harmonica when the song calls for it

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Ty Anderson

Ty Anderson

Bass & Vocals

Playing bass and performing is a way to connect with others who love music and understand the powerful impact it can have in their lives

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Josh Phillips

Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Josh is the glue that holds the sound together.

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