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Based out of Dallas, Texas, Highway 31’s music combines a unique array of influences from the genres of Rock, Pop, Indie and Country-Rock. They are known for their catchy melodies, soulful lead vocals, rich vocal harmonies and driving guitars, bass and drums. They’ve been working with renowned Los Angeles based recording engineer and producer, Florian Ammon, who has worked with artists including Lifehouse, Kiefer Sutherland, U2, Van Halen and Rammstein to name a few. 

“Highway 31 is a group of guys who work very hard on their music and lyrics, have meticulously studied the classics and apply that knowledge artfully to their version of rock in a very distinct, Texas-flavored way. I love working with them, as they are very open to suggestions but at the same time have a keen idea and vision of where to take their music.”
Florian Ammon – Producer/Recording & Mix Engineer
(Lifehouse, U2, Jude Cole, Van Halen, Rammstien, Lenard Cohen, Kiefer Sutherland)

“I’m lucky enough to have worked with Highway 31 on their last couple releases.  I’ve seen them evolve as songwriters and musicians and their new record, “So Hard to Say”, is the product of that growth.  Catchy, taught pop-rock tunes with thoughtful arrangements performed with skill and emotion.  And no modern studio trickery here … this band can play!  My favorite is “Light Come Down,” but its solid record top to bottom.”

Matt Aslanian – Producer/Recording & Mix Engineer (Green River Ordinance, Ryan Tedder, Stoney LaRue, Breaking Southwest)  

Published Albums

2018 Release

  1. So Hard to Say Highway 31 3:25
  2. If I Could Have You Highway 31 4:38
  3. Ride of Your Life Highway 31 3:57
  4. Shine Down Highway 31 4:03
  5. Follow You Highway 31 4:53
  6. Light Come Down Highway 31 3:26
  7. Don't Worry About Tomorrow Highway 31 4:09
  8. Like Heroes Highway 31 5:16

2018 Release

  1. Define Myself Highway 31 04:20
  2. Miss Your Love Highway 31 03:56
  3. Don't Ever Leave Highway 31 05:03
  4. Take Me Away Highway 31 04:23
  5. Never Let Me Down Highway 31 03:46
  6. The Web Highway 31 03:07
  7. To Be With You Highway 31 03:44
  8. Beautiful Highway 31 04:59

2020 Release

  1. Can You Feel It Highway 31 03:19
  2. Social Media Highway 31 03:28
  3. She Moves Me Highway 31 03:42
  4. Turn Back Time Highway 31 03:25
  5. North Texas Side Highway 31 03:24
  6. You're Everything Highway 31 03:06
  7. So Hard to Say (Acoustic) Highway 31 03:29


HIGHWAY 31 RE-SIGNS WITH AUDIO FLARE RECORDS, LLC for their third album, Can You Feel It, which was released January 2020.  The new album features six new tracks and a live-acoustic bonus track from their current album, So Hard to Say.  Renowned mix engineer and producer, Florian Ammon, will be mixing and co-producing the new album.

HIGHWAY 31 and Audio Flare Records, LLC contracts HAPPY TREE FILMS and BOWL OF SPAGHETTI ENTERTAINMENT to shoot a series of new music videos in support of their new album Can You Feel It. The band recently completed a 3-day shoot at the historic Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma.   This marks a follow-up collaboration of these four entities, as Highway 31 contributed to the 2017 Soundtrack (available on iTunes) of Happy Tree Films/Bowl of Spaghetti Entertainments Feature Film “Color Me You”, now available on Amazon Prime.

Venues and Notable Performances

Highway 31 has performed at a variety of high-profile events and venues.  They’ve been featured or headlined large-scale festival events such as the Texas Music Revolution (TMR), Taste of Dallas, San Antonio Beer Fest, Grapevine Main Street Fest, The Current Whiskey Business Festival and Grapefest. They’ve performed at world-class artist venues such as Dallas House of Blues, Gas Monkey Live, Box Garden at Legacy Hall and The Sanctuary. They have been a top–requested act by many popular regional music venues such as 3 Nations Brewing, The Cadillac, Gar Hole and The Bartonville Store to name just a few. 

Highway 31 are performing artists that can meet a variety of event and venue needs – from intimate unplugged performances to outdoor festivals and everything in between…. 

Promo Shots

Highway 31 Promo Shot

Higway 31 Logo Above Promo Shot
Highway 31 Promo Shot
Highway 31 Band Album photoshoot 2020
Highway 31 Band
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Highway 31 Stage Layout
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