Tim Beamguard

Tim Beamguard

guitars, keys, vocals

Why do I play? I can’t not play. I just enjoy it so much.

Tim came from a musical family. He started playing piano around the age of 6 without any formal training. When Tim was 14 a neighbor lady gave him a Harmony Student guitar she bought at a Garage Sale for $5. He was hooked.

All through High School, when Tim could he had a guitar around his neck. At
18 he got a job selling Pianos which sharpened his keyboard skills. While attending a Bryan Adams and Journey Concert, Johnathan Cain was wearing a guitar and playing keys – this was an inspiration to do both. While guitar is still his main instrument, Tim will play keys or even harmonica when the song calls for it.

While playing other people’s music over the years, his true passion was always to write and perform original songs. Tim never stopped writing and collaborating over the years. All these steps culminated in being a part of Highway 31.

  • Gibson, Fender, Tom Anderson & PRS Guitars
  • Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special and Filmore 25 Amps
  • Korg Kronos keyboards

The Eagles, Jude Cole, Ian Moore, and a little of every artist whose music he’s played.